Noted Met Gala Attention-Seeker Jared Leto Was Spotted Scaling A Hotel In Berlin For Some Damn Reason

Nearly ten years ago Jared Leto won an Academy Award for Best Supporting Actor. Cut to today and he’s mostly known for acting weird on sets of movies that even he makes fun of, and for trying to be the weirdest person at the annual Met Gala. (This year he at best tied with Doja Cat, who had almost the same idea.) On Monday he added yet another exhaustingly unexpected twist to his CV: He scaled a hotel in Berlin.

As per Entertainment Weekly, Leto was seen climbing the brick wall of Hotel de Rome, a five-star hotel in Germany’s capital. He had no harness, which made it all the more impressive/irritating, though it naturally drew a crowd and images and videos of it hit social media.

No one knows why Leto decided to climb the walls of a five-star hotel in Berlin. Reps for him have yet to respond to requests for comment.

Back during the first Monday in May, Leto appeared at this year’s Met Gala in a giant cat costume. It wasn’t immediately known who was inside the get-up, but when it turned out to be the erstwhile Jordan Catalano, few were exactly surprised given his history of out-there Met Gala costumes. Alas, not only did Doja Cat also show up as a cat — with legimitiately impressive make-up to boot — but both were upstaged by the real surprise star of the to-do: an actual cockroach.

(Via EW)