Jared Leto Pulled A, Well, Jared Leto And Stayed In Character As Morbius

While filming Suicide Squad, Jared Leto famously went full Joker. You never want to go full Joker. He gifted Margot Robbie “the biggest black rat you could imagine,” and while promoting the movie at CinemaCon 2016, the actor said he presented “anal beads” and “used condoms” to “everybody” on set to “create a dynamic.” Leto now claims that he never did that (“99.9 percent of what people read is bullsh*t,” he told Entertainment Weekly as if he wasn’t the one who started the rumor), which would be easier to believe if Leto didn’t always take method acting to the extreme, including for Morbius.

“I almost never saw [Leto] getting into the role, it was more that Michael Morbius was on set,” director Daniel Espinosa told GamesRadar. “The moment he would exit his trailer, it would no longer be Jared Leto, and he would not want to be spoken to as Jared Leto.” He went on to praise Leto for being a “very committed actor” who’s “right in many ways.”

One such way: giving the best performance in House of Gucci, even with the most cartoonishly exaggerated Italian accent you’ve ever heard. He didn’t deserve a Razzie; he should have been nominated for an Oscar (I am being 97 percent serious here). Leto, as they say, understood the assignment.

After years of delays, Morbius finally comes out this Friday, April 1.

(Via GamesRadar)