Jason Biggs Already Made A Bad Malaysian Airlines Joke And Had A Total Meltdown Over The Backlash It Caused

Well, that was fast. It took Jason Biggs all of an hour to tweet something in poor taste about the tragic Malaysian Airlines crash that happened earlier today, get people all worked up about it and then freak out on them for getting (mostly deservedly) worked up — which seems to be his modus operandi in these type of situations — as evidenced here and here.

There are two fundamental problems with Jason Biggs’ so-called offensive tweets. One being that they’re just not funny or clever in the first place, which — if you’re dancing around sensitive subject matter — takes a finesse that Biggs clearly is just lacking. And even comedians who are actual legitimate comedians who excel at making light of tragic events, even those guys are still going to get people upset at them, because people are also really dumb. So knowing full well that you’re putting something out there that might offend people, maybe the knee jerk reaction shouldn’t be to lash out like a petulant teenager.

Or, you know, I guess I’ll just go back to “being a pussy” now.