Jason Castillo, AKA @Qwikster, Finally Woke Up From His Weed Haze

All day I’ve been imagining Jason Castillo, the stoner who’s unwittingly squatting on the Twitter handle of Netflix’s new DVD-by-mail unit, waking up on his sofa amidst a pile of empty pizza boxes and honey bear bongs to discover that he’s suddenly semi-famous and potentially in line for a financial windfall. I’ve imagined him to be exactly like Brad Pitt’s character in True Romance, maybe waking up in a haze after falling asleep at 6am while watching Donnie Darko, noticing that his Twitter follower count has increased 3000% in the past 12 hours and exclaiming, “DUUUUUUUDE!”

So after not gracing the world with one of his poetic tweets for more than a month, Castillo’s been quite active over the past hour or so — and he apparently expects to get part ownership of the company out of all this or something.

You truly can’t make this sh*t up. James Franco has to play him in the biopic of his life, right, since Brad Pitt’s probably a bit too old? Regardless, here’s his timeline since he woke up…

And speaking of Netflix, the geniuses at The Oatmeal created this lovely comic illustrating why the company is splitting itself in two.