A Wild Reddit Relationship Thread About A Woman’s Lust For Jason Mantzoukas Being Used To Catfish Her Has Got People Talking

Jason Mantzoukas has a lengthy list of acting credits to his name in some very funny shows and movies, but on Labor Day weekend he became the central figure in a drama unfolding online that he definitely did not audition for. A Reddit relationships thread posted on the site quickly went viral and spread to other social media sites after a poster claimed that he had catfished his own girlfriend by pretending to be Mantzoukas.

The whole thing is a bit complicated, and first of all we should make clear that Mantzoukas is not involved in any way. Yet. But the thread really is worth reading in full, as I have many times this weekend.

It sounds very strange and, well, it is. Apparently the man in question and his wife have a “hall pass” situation and his wife picked Mantzoukas, among whose credits are Derek on The Good Place and a lengthy run on The League. The man found out that the actor actually went to the same college as his wife, though, and that this “hall pass” situation isn’t as pie in the sky as his pick of Beyonce. And so he did some digging, created a fake college email account and event, and wound up emailing with his wife asMantzoukas.

Now, there are a lot of ways this is extremely questionable behavior on his part, as basically every Reddit relationship post contains. But this one in particular really captivated people, who mostly wanted to also get hot and bothered about Jason Mantzoukas.

As we should probably mention again, this is not actually Mantzoukas trying to blow up a relationship. Apparently the gentleman in question is doing that all on his own. But it is becoming clear that the man of basically everyone’s desire will eventually find out about it. The many podcasts he’s appeared on over the years will make sure of it.