Jawa Cockroach: You Know What This Does To Your Argument

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08.24.12 3 Comments

This is Lucihormetica luckae. It’s a cockroach. It glows in the dark. It looks like a Jawa. It’s pretty much completely awesome.

Since we can’t end the post on that and actually get paid, let’s go into why it glows in the dark.

The glow comes from bacteria that glow when exposed to fluorescent light.

So the Jawa roach does this because it looks awesome at raves, right? Actually, no, that’s to make it look more like an incredibly toxic beetle that also lives in its habitat.

Yeah… on that. Apparently no specimens of this awesome guy have been found since the active volcano he lived on erupted two years ago.

But we all know how hard it is to kill a Jawa. So, yeah, they’re probably all dead. But we’ll remember you fondly, Jawa roach.

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