Trump, Kevin Spacey, And Chris Tucker Are Among The Big Names Who Jeffrey Epstein’s Pilot Say Flew On His Plane

The trial of Ghislaine Maxwell, ex-girlfriend and fixer for late financier and convicted sex criminal Jeffrey Epstein, is only on its second day, and already it’s a powder keg. (She’s also allegedly not having much fun in jail, though nor did Epstein.) On Tuesday, Lawrence Visoski Jr., Epstein’s pilot of 30 years, took the stand. He saw many faces over his long tenure, and some of the names he dropped were familiar (or at least unexpected). Others were more than a little shocking.

As per The New York Post, Maxwell’s defense attorney grilled Visoski, asking him to name names. There was former president Bill Clinton, who he said flew on some of Epstein’s private flights. Prince Andrew, another name long connected with Epstein, was also on board multiple times.

Then there’s another former president, Donald J. Trump, who reportedly once considered pardoning Maxwell before whatever senses he possesses came to him. Attorney Christian Everdell asked whether he flew on Epstein’s plane with his family. Visoski said he “didn’t remember that.” But as for Trump solo? “I certainly remember President Trump,” he replied.

All three names have been bandied about in reference to Epstein before. But there were some who hadn’t been before Tuesday. They included Kevin Spacey, whose career was deep-sixed after multiple accusations of sexual misconduct. But Visoski also mentioned comedian-actor Chris Tucker, Senators George Mitchell and John Glenn, even legendary violinist Itzhak Perlman.

Visoski even said that if someone like Clinton was on board, he would get advance notice. There would even be special catering, he said.

The pilot was also asked about the presence of a “mature woman,” referred to by prosecutors only as “Jane” and who, they believe, met Epstein and Maxwell in 1994 when she was only 14 years old. Prosecutors allege that the two lured her to his Florida home, where Epstein began sexually abusing her. However, Visoski said he could not picture seeing her, nor any female below the age of 20 onboard a flight.

And this is only day two.

(Via NY Post)