MAGA Rioter Jenna Ryan Now Claims She Committed Some Light Jan 6-ing Because She ‘Slammed’ Boxed Wine

Convicted January 6 rioter Jenna Ryan has had no shortage of hot takes following her arrest for storming the Capitol following Donald Trump’s infamous “Stop The Steal” rally. The Texas real estate became the object of ridicule after bragging that she was too “blonde” and “white” to go to jail, which is exactly where she ended up. Although, in true influencer style, she hoped to turn her prison sentence into a weight loss retreat.

While Ryan has since expressed some regret for her actions on January 6, since her arrest, she’s also called herself a “martyr” and compared herself to a “Jew in Nazi Germany.” And now she’s back with a new excuse for her light treason: Boxed wine.

During a recent appearance on the Operation Chicago podcast, Ryan claimed that she didn’t want to participate in the Capitol riot, but everyone knows how hard it is to avoid an insurrection when you’ve got a belly full of cheap wine.

Via Raw Story:

Ryan went to say that she already had experience protesting at capitol buildings since she once attended a lockdown protest at the “Capitol in Texas” alongside conspiracy theorist Alex Jones.

“So, in my mind, it would be like that.”

She later said that her friends finally talked her into going.

“I slammed some wine, and then I go and do what I do best, which is — if I can create content, then it’s worth it for me to go down there.”

According to Ryan, the drinking started pretty early thanks to a nearby Wawa. She also claims the crowd she was with was much younger and more “gung ho,” so it was a bad combination all around. Boxed wine is sneaky like that.

(Via Raw Story)