Fox News’ Jesse Watters Launched A Bizarrely Specific Attack On Joe Biden For Eating Ice Cream In Public

Even by Fox News standards, Jesse Watters has a history of offering up totally asinine takes on whatever’s happening — or not happening — in the news. And on Monday, as The Daily Beast reports, he lived up to that reputation yet again when he launched a bizarre attack on Joe Biden for… eating ice cream?! In case you’re wondering why he was so triggered by POTUS’ choice of frozen dairy dessert, he was happy to explain.

Watters began his berating by advising his viewers to “never underestimate Joe’s ability to F things up!” The Fox News host seemed to take issue with the fact that it was a Monday, three weeks before the midterms elections, and that the president was doing “nothing.” Except that part of the president’s job revolves around what some might deem “doing nothing,” a.k.a. “normaling,” in Veep parlance. In Monday’s case, that meant chomping on an ice cream cone in Portland, Oregon, and talking up the economy.

But Watters seems to have a lot of rules about the dos and don’ts of eating ice cream — and Biden clearly stirred up some anger in Watters, as he chastised the president for all the things he did wrong. For example:

A man should never lick an ice cream cone in public.

A man can only eat ice cream on vacation. I guess Biden’s always on vacation, so it makes sense. But if a man needs to eat ice cream in public, he should scoop it out of a bowl with a spoon. The President of the United States licking things, especially ice cream, is childish. It’s frivolous and it’s too casual a look for the country.

The way Watters was talking, you might have thought that Biden had decided to masturbate in the middle of a Baskin Robbins. Alas, no. He simply ate an ice cream cone, which Watters clearly believes there’s a very specific time and place for. And an ice cream shop in Portland on a Monday in October is not it.

“You’re not at a birthday party, Joe!,” he shouted.

Watters next set his sights on Chuck Schumer, who was spotted busting a move “like he was on Solid Gold,” according to a very unamused Watters. Which seems like a double standard…

Donald Trump dancing at NRA event

You can watch the full video above. The bizarre ice cream rant starts around the 3-minute mark.

(Via The Daily Beast)