Jesse Watters (Who Talked Inflation With ‘Jersey Shore’ Star Pauly D) Mocked The White House For Hosting Uvalde Native Matthew McConaughey To Talk About Gun Violence

Even as far as Fox News personalities go, Jesse Watters doesn’t know when to shut up. The King of Saying the Quiet Part Out Loud, who once casually dropped a tidbit about the time he deflated the tires on a female colleague’s car so that she’d need him to give her a ride home into the conversation, stuck his foot in it once again on Tuesday, as HuffPost reports.

Following Uvalde, Texas native Matthew McConaughey’s powerful speech about gun violence and the 19 children recently killed in his hometown at the White House, even Fox News commended the Oscar winner for what John Roberts called an “impassioned plea.” Then there was Watters…

Rather than recognize the content of McConaughey’s speech, Watters saw his appearance at the White House as a chance to throw a couple of cheat shots and mock the Biden administration. “What are the White House going to do now,” Watters wanted to know. “Are they going to put Tom Cruise out to talk inflation? Is this where we’re going?”

Even if you wanted to overlook the poor timing and taste of the joke—he is, after all, essentially mocking people for caring about the 21 people who were just murdered by a teen gunman with an AR-15—that the “inflation” punchline came out of Watters’ mouth at all is rich, and far too tantalizing to ignore. As this is the same man who, just last month, interviewed Jersey Shore star Pauly D about, yep, inflation! Fortunately, the embarrassing irony was not lost on anyone.

(Via HuffPost)