Jim Jordan Had A Truly Bizarre Excuse For Why He Hadn’t Read Trump’s Notorious ‘Death & Destruction’ Post

Donald Trump is at it again, which is to say he’s back to spouting violent rhetoric. The former president, whose incendiary words helped inspire the Jan. 6 riot, has been livid about the potential indictment looming over his head. He’s already tried to foment a mass protest against Manhattan district attorney Alvin Bragg, who’s overseeing the case that could put him in jail. But with a recent Truth Social post, he went too far even for the likes of Newsmax. But don’t ask MAGA lawmaker Jim Jordan about it, if only because he refuses to see it.

In a post that was extreme even for him, Trump warned that if a grand jury indicted him, he warned that it would result in “death & destruction.” Republican lawmakers have been trying to avoid talking about it. NBC News reporter Sahil Kapur caught up with Jordan, who claimed he simply hadn’t seen the post. So Kapur pulled it up on his phone so he could see. But Jordan then gave a bizarre excuse about how he still couldn’t see it: He needed his glasses.

Sure, it’s tough reading without one’s reading glasses. But it’s not impossible. He could have squinted. He could have even had Kapur read it to him, then comment. He could also procure his glasses. But Jordan did none of those things. Then again, surely Jordan doesn’t want to embroil his favorite former president, partly because he may still improbably get his old job back. Being a Trump crony sure does put one in plenty of awkward positions, but one can always do what Jordan and his wife do: ignore him.

(Via Insider)