Drop Everything And Watch This AMAZING Lip Sync Battle Between Paul Rudd And Jimmy Fallon

Jimmy Fallon is completely making me look foolish around the house. I thought his tenure at the head of The Tonight Show would be marred by the same things Conan got hit by, minus the snakebite love from Jay Leno. But the amount of sheer awesome in this lip sync showdown with Paul Rudd and the success of his first week on the air have made me a believer.

Rudd is the true star here, pulling out a pair of impeccable performances that blow Jimmy Fallon and The Roots away. I don’t want to spoil ANY of it, just watch the video.

I don’t normally like to tell you to drop everything you’re doing and watch a clip, but this time I mean it. It doesn’t get too much better.

(Via The Tonight Show)