Jimmy Kimmel Is Flabbergasted That The Oscars Did Nothing When Will Smith Refused To Leave After Slapping Chris Rock

It’s been four days since Will Smith attacked Chris Rock live at the Oscars, and it’s still pushing news about the Russia Ukraine War and Madison Cawthorn’s claims that the GOP is basically Eyes Wide Shut below the fold. One of the most interesting developments occurred on Wednesday when the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences issued a statement claiming that Smith was “asked to leave the ceremony and refused.” Jimmy Kimmel, like all of us, is curious as to just how that went down.

On Wednesday night, after suggesting that the best way to punish Smith would be to sentence him to making only Hallmark Christmas movies for one decade (has he seen After Earth?), Kimmel had some questions about Smith’s purportedly failed ejection:

I don’t know who asked him to leave—maybe Jazzy Jeff asked him? I don’t know. ‘Hey Jazzy, can you pass a message along to Will?’ Can you imagine? Who would have accepted his Oscar if he’d been thrown out? Chris Rock, maybe? I don’t know.

You know, usually when someone’s asked to leave and refuses to go, that’s when security comes in and takes that person away. But in this case, they decided to give him an Oscar and let him back onstage to speak.

Kimmel went on to note how much oxygen the story has taken from all of us, and that we’re all feeling the effects of the slap. “My jaw hurts just from telling so many jokes about it,” he said.

You can watch the full clip above.