Jodie Comer Halted Her Broadway Performance After Having Difficulty Breathing Due To The Smoke-Filled New York Air

Jodie Comer once related how she nearly died while filming a “grotesque” Killing Eve scene that involved spaghetti and an inability to breathe. Fortunately, that story worked out well, and Jodie is still with us. She went on to escape that self-defeating (from the show’s POV) series finale to star in several films, including Ryan Reynolds’ Free Guy, and now, Jodie is starring in her own one-woman Broadway production. Unfortunately, breathing difficulties have reared their head again for her because the New York City air is essentially toxic at the moment.

As CNN reports, around 100 wildfires around Quebec have sent their smoke across the U.S. East Coast and placed around 55 million people under air-quality caution. This includes a “code red” alert for Philadelphia and orange-toned skies in New York City, where events have been cancelled throughout the Big Apple. On Broadway, Comer needed to halt her performance in Prima Facie, where she’s regularly onstage for 100 minutes straight. One of the show’s spokespeople confirmed the news to Hollywood Reporter:

“Today’s matinee of Prima Facie was halted approximately 10 minutes into the performance after Jodie Comer had difficulty breathing due to the poor air quality in New York City because of smoke from the Canadian wildfires. The performance was set to start again from the top with understudy Dani Arlington going on for Ms. Comer in the role of Tessa.”

Hopefully, all will be well with Jodie because a one-woman show is already no joke. As well, the Writers Guild strikes took a breather (I am sorry) in NYC “in light of the forecasted air quality alerts” while everyone is undoubtedly reaching for their leftover N95 masks. Meanwhile, the Governor’s Ball has not yet announced whether that festival will go forward as planned this weekend.

(Via The Hollywood Reporter & CNN)