Joe Rogan Has Set Up An Account At The Conservative Social Media Service GETTR ‘Just In Case’ He Gets Booted From Twitter

The new year started off on a bum note for Marjorie Taylor Greene: On Sunday, the second day of 2022, the far right Georgian lawmaker was permanently suspended from Twitter. The reason? She couldn’t stop spreading misinformation about COVID. The move inspired uproar from conservative circles, but it may have also spooked other people who are simply wrong about how to battle the pandemic. Perhaps that’s why Joe Rogan, promoter of meds also used to deworm horses, started an account on the rightwing social media service GETTR.

“Just in case s*it over at Twitter gets even dumber, I’m here now as well,” Rogan wrote on his new account. “Rejoice!”

GETTR was launched last summer by Trump crony Jason Miller as yet another “free speech” social media platform à la Parler and Gab. Not only was it immediately mocked, it was also over-run with trolls intentionally violating the terms or simply posting NSFW Sonic the Hedgehog memes.

It should be a good place for Rogan to express opinions he doesn’t already express on his immensely popular podcast. He’s proudly unvaccinated, and when he caught COVID, instead of seeking a free and effective treatment, he dosed himself with a no doubt expensive cocktail of alternative medications. A recent guest on his show, Dr. Robert Malone, was banned on Twitter for spreading COVID misinformation. Rogan must be worried the same could happen to him, even if what he should be worrying about is his listeners seeing him as some kind of medical expert one should trust with one’s life.

(Via Mediaite)