Trump Cronies Have Launched A Social Media Platform Called … Wait For It … GETTR (As In ‘Get Her’) And The Jokes Are Just Writing Themselves

Just one month after the former president’s “blog” was shuttered because of poor readership and plenty of internet ridicule, Team Trump is making another attempt at a social media come back with, what may in fact be, the most unfortunately named app we’ve ever heard of.

According to a Politico report, Trump’s former shady spokesman Jason Miller recently launched an app called GETTR, which appears to function as a poor man’s Twitter for the ultra-conservative set. According to the site’s tagline, GETTR is the “marketplace of ideas” whose mission includes “fighting cancel culture, promoting common sense, defending free speech, and challenging social media monopolies.” (The jokes really just write themselves these days, huh?)

It’s doubtful this new platform will perform any better than Trump’s press release strategy — and we’re positive we’ll see even more weird, completely tone-deaf social media sites from Trump’s camp in the months to come, but for now, we’ll enjoy the best Twitter reactions to GETTR’s genesis. (You gotta laugh to keep from crying, right?)

UPDATE: Apparently, Trump is not officially affiliated with this site and he currently has no plans of joining. We’ll see how long that lasts.