Marjorie Taylor Greene Has Been Permanently Suspended From Twitter Due To Repeatedly Spreading COVID Misinformation

Almost a year after Twitter permanently banned former president Donald J. Trump, they’ve come for another far right demigod. As per The New York Times, the social media service kicked off the new year by booting Marjorie Taylor Greene over her repeated insistence on sharing COVID-19 misinformation.

The controversial Georgia representative was given the axe after receiving her a fifth “strike” for posting pandemic lies. Her fourth came in August, when she baselessly claimed that vaccines were “failing.” Less than a month before that, she received her third strike for falsely saying COVID was not dangerous for people who were obese or over the age of 65. (Apparently her tweet falsely comparing COVID to cancer was no big deal.)

Nevertheless, it’s not as though Greene will be entirely absent from the social media service. Her congressional account, @RepMTG, remains active, in part because she has yet to use it to spread dangerous fibs about a once-in-a-century public health crisis.

Greene’s ban comes as the Omicron variant runs roughshod over the nation, including Florida, whose governor, Ron DeSantis, has long downplayed the severity of the virus. Hospitalizations are on the rise, largely for people who remain unvaccinated. So perhaps don’t put your life in the hands of someone who only learned about the importance of the Holocaust in her late 40s.

(Via NYT)