Hecklers, Heavy Bags, And Carlos Mencia: A Brief History Of Joe Rogan Winning At Everything

08.11.15 4 years ago 14 Comments
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Joe Rogan is good at a lot of things: MMA, comedy, heckler-shaming, podcasting, lifting kettle bells, kicking stuff, shedding light on another comedian stealing jokes. He’s so good, in fact, that this list could have several installations making it an ongoing series of Rogan winning at stuff. Rogan even wins at not having hair, his head being a perfect spherical entity. Being that it’s Joe Rogan’s 48th birthday this week, why don’t we take a journey through the UFC color commentator’s various moments of glory? This one’s for you, Joey.

Joe Rogan vs. Karate Opponent

Using a spinning back kick (more on that later), Joe launches his opponent into the air for the KO.

Joe Rogan vs. “UFC Fan”

After a heckler insults his t-shirt, Rogan goes on for several minutes destroying this tattooed dude.

Joe Rogan vs. Wallet Chain Heckler

This heckler makes the mistake of making fun of Rogan’s wallet chain. Rogan responds by offering an invitation to fellatio.

Joe Rogan vs. Fear Factor Contestant

Apparently, this angry contestant didn’t get the memo that Rogan is a real life badass. Rogan puts a clinch on the guy and could have unleashed a few knees to the face, but The Miz stepped in.

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