John Fetterman Was Quick On The Draw After Dr. Oz Tried To Pretend That He Doesn’t Own 10 Freaking Houses

At this point in Mehmet Oz’s Senate race, the (arguable) snake-oil salesman seems to be intent upon tanking himself, which takes a lot of legwork away from progressive candidate John Fetterman. Trump got really mad, too, about his endorsed candidate somehow still trailing in the polls after Fetterman got knocked off the campaign trail for months while recovering from a stroke. And in this edition of “Dr. Oz really shouldn’t have chosen PA for a Senate run,” the former TV host is following up on mispronouncing the name of a popular PA grocery store and having a really bad excuse for doing so.

How did Oz manage to one-up himself this time? In video footage (from a weekend campaign event) published by The Daily Beast, Oz was asked to reveal how many houses he technically owns. The answer from Oz: “Legitimately, I own two houses.” He also vaguely alluded to possible rent properties, but the Beast brought receipts (from public records) to list how many houses that Oz “legitimately” owns, and that would be a whopping 10 properties.

As expected, Fetterman was ready to scorch his opponent for (once again) pretending to be a man of the people and floundering. “I’ve never spoken to a PA resident who doesn’t know how many houses they have let alone be off by 8,” the former Braddock mayor (who earned a mere $1,800 annually for that position) wrote on Twitter. “I can’t tell if he’s trying + failing to sound like a regular person (with ONLY TWO mansions) or if he genuinely has no idea.”

You can see the full list Oz’s “legitimately” owned properties here, and they include enormous mansions in both New Jersey and Pennsylvania but also a few NYC condos, a NJ condo, and three pieces of residential real estate scattered throughout Turkey. Oh, and there’s another mansion on a Florida beach, which is rather amazing because Oz waded right into this mess despite, you know, all of this being a matter of public record.

(Via The Daily Beast & John Fetterman on Twitter)