Pennsylvania’s Badass Lt. Governor Roasted Dr. Oz (With A Clown Meme) For Scrubbing Trump From His Campaign Website

As the Senate race in Pennsylvania heats up, Democratic candidate and the state’s lieutenant governor, John Fetterman, continues to run circles around Dr. Mehmet Oz, whose campaign has been one embarrassing misstep after another. The TV doctor narrowly won the Republican nomination following a recount, and now, in a move that’s sure to anger the base who just barely elected him, Oz is reportedly distancing himself from Donald Trump.

According to Axios, Oz has been scrubbing all “Trump branding” from his campaign website and social media accounts. It’s an odd about-face, which Fetterman wasted no time capitalizing on. Just hours after the Axios report, Fetterman’s Twitter account fired off a clown meme roasting Oz for everything from being a New Jersey resident to desperately seeking Trump’s endorsement, only to realize that it’s now a political liability.

As for the scrubbing of Trump from Oz’s entire campaign, it’s a pretty thorough cleansing despite the candidate heavily using the former president’s name on social media throughout the primary. Via Axios:

Oz’s social media banners now say “Thank you, Pennsylvania,” and feature a solo photo of him without Trump. His website no longer has a pop-up fundraiser appeal touting his Trump endorsement.

Oz’s Twitter bio no longer advertises him as the “Trump Endorsed Candidate for U.S. Senate,” and he hasn’t tweeted about Trump since May 17.

Oz’s campaign hasn’t run Facebook ads since the primary, and on Google his only general election ad reads, “⁦The PA Senate Race will determine who has the majority. Donate to take back the US Senate!⁩”

Even on the Trump-run social media site Truth Social, Oz hasn’t posted about Trump since the primary — though he still touts his Trump endorsement in his bio.

When reached for comment, Oz’s spokesperson said that Trump is still the first name listed on the “Endorsements” section of campaign website, which is true. However, the former president is no longer featured on the front page or in pop-up ads that were highly prominent during Oz’s primary campaign.

(Via Axios)