Pennsylvania Senate Candidate Dr. Oz Is So Thoroughly Pennsylvanian He Misspelled The Name Of The Town He Now Lives In On A Major Form

Despite running a campaign plagued by hiccups, weird, creepy promises, and other assorted, John Oliver-mocked oddities, Dr. Mehmet Oz is now officially the Republican candidate for a Pennsylvania Senate seat. That means he’ll be squaring off against the hulking, progressive, take-no-prisoners John Fetterman, who has plenty of ways to show his opponent is unworthy.

One claim Fetterman can’t use is the false line that Dr. Oz is not registered to vote in Pennsylvania. He is, at least now, having moved to the Keystone State in 2020, after decades of Jersey living. But new evidence suggests he’s not as thoroughly Pennsylvanian as he claims.

On his Statement of Candidacy form, the controversial former TV doctor listed his home address. Problem is, he misspelled the name of the village in which he now lives. He put “Huntington Valley.” There is no such place. There is, however, a Huntingdon Valley, located in Bucks County in the southeastern part of the state, not far from Philadelphia.

The town is spelled correctly on Dr. Oz’s campaign site.

Despite ending with him (just barely) clinching the nomination, Dr. Oz’s Senate run has been such a trainwreck that it’s even damaged other politicians’ credibility. After Donald Trump endorsed the former Oprah break-out, it caused a bit of a MAGA mutiny. Then again, these days the big guy has other problems.

(Via Insider)