Laura Ingraham Baited Jon Stewart As A ‘Blissfully Self-Unaware…Race Clown’ And Hoo Boy Does He Have A Response

This is one convoluted mess, so let’s work through it. Jon Stewart recently pushed back at conservative writer Andrew Sullivan, who had taken umbrage following his appearance on The Problem with Jon Stewart. Sullivan was quite upset and accused the Apple TV+ booker of tricking him into a panel meant to discuss racism, with Sullivan standing alone in his perspective. He claimed to feel “ambushed,” and Stewart pushed back, calling Sullivan’s claim “nonsense” while holding onto the stance that Sullivan was fully informed of the panel’s subject matter. The former The Daily Show host also accused Sullivan of “high maintenance shenanigans” and asked, “[C]an we stop with the lazy ‘woke’ sh*t anytime someone disagrees with a conservative”?

Well, Fox News host Laura Ingraham isn’t here for stopping with the “woke” criticisms, so she torched Stewart on primetime while branding him a “race clown.”

Via Mediaite, she ranted, “The only thing funny about Jon Stewart these days is how blissfully self-unaware he is.” Then she added of the Sullivan panel, “Now, this guy was so afraid of debating Andrew Sullivan one-on-one that needed to have the whole situation be like a three against one.”

Harmeet K. Dhillon later joined Ingraham before tweeting a clip to accuse Stewart of “disgraceful pandering to race huckster Lisa Bond” during the Sullivan panel.

Well, Ingraham wanted a response, and she got one. “Hello @IngrahamAngle Thanks for taking a quick break from scaring the sh*t out of old people to cancel me!” he declared. “Don’t think of my panel as a 3 on one ambush…think of it as my new show ‘The Four’. You’re network is…how did you describe Zelensky…Pathetic!”

Also, Jon Stewart would like an edit button too, Elon Musk.

It’s kind-of wild for Stewart to be weighing in on Twitter, since he resisted joining for so long. Presumably, he’s doing so because his show is semi-weekly, not nightly (slightly inconvenient for sure). Regardless, one can expect Ingraham to do some more firing back soon.