Jordan Klepper Tried To Talk To Some Wisconsin Trump Supporters At A Rally, And All He Got Were Kooky Conspiracy Theories (And An Obscure Robin Williams Movie)

When Jordan Klepper crashed a Trump rally in Waukesha, Wisconsin on Friday, it was a very different era. That Monday, the former president’s home (i.e., the resort he now lives in) was searched by the FBI. MAGAland has been in a hissy fit ever since, possibly because it really looks like Trump may be in trouble this time, and it could be because of a law he put in place himself. But on Friday he and his supporters were doing just fine — which is to say they were spouting nonsense that was out-there even for them.

For his latest adventure, the Daily Show correspondent journeyed to the Badger State, to see how Trump fans were faring in the last few months of midterm season. The answer: not great! Everyone’s minds had been rotted away by conspiracy theories, some you’ve heard before, others you hopefully haven’t.

One expects to hear people talk about Pizzagate and JFK Jr. still being alive, maybe even 9/11 conspiracy theories, all of them present and accounted for. What one might not expect is to hear that so is Michael Jackson. Ditto Ayman al-Zawahiri, the Al Qaeda leader killed under orders from Trump’s successor, partly because Trump could never remember his name. And Osama Bin Laden? He’s still alive, and his name is “Tim.”

Klepper also tried to reason with supporters who at least claim they want more secure elections but still support Wisconsin representative Ron Johnson, who told Mike Pence he could bring him a slate of fake electors. When told Johnson did that, they didn’t seem to mind.

It’s a wild segment with many curveballs. Surely you weren’t prepared to be reminded about the 2006 comedy Man of the Year, starring Robin Williams as a Jon Stewart-esque political comedian, and whose plot — and this is true — concerns malfunctioning electronic voting systems that screw up an election.

You can watch Klepper’s segment in the video above.

(Via The Daily Beast)