‘The View’ Hosts Were Feeling Meghan McCain Vibes From Guest Host Lauren Wright’s Anti-Mask Ranting

It’s only guest host Lauren Wright‘s second day on The View, and already, the panel is basically comparing her to Meghan McCain. On Thursday morning’s episode, Wright, who’s a guest lecturer on Princeton and a conservative commentator, battled with the co-hosts over masks and claimed they didn’t work, which did not go over well with Joy Behar.

“Oh god, if I hear that again,” Behar audibly muttered as Wright went on her rant that, naturally, included barbs at Dr. Fauci and the CDC.

After Wright called mask messaging “inconsistent.” Whoopi Goldberg entered the fray, and while she didn’t use McCain’s name, it was pretty clear who she was talking about. Via Primetimer:

“We had somebody here who used to get very upset with people who said you should be wearing a different kind of mask, or you shouldn’t be wearing a mask. They didn’t know! So I can give them that.”

After Wright advocated for eliminating federal mandates — “We can be smart, capable adults about this,” she said — she did exactly what Whoopi just cautioned her not to do. “This whole thing started, by the way, with Dr. Fauci saying, ‘Masks don’t really work, we don’t really need them,” said Wright, as the entire table protested.

If Wright was hoping her arguments would earn her attention, it worked. Her anti-mask rant quickly started trending on Twitter where people absolutely loved Behar shutting her down and giving her side-eye the whole time. Whoops.

You can see some of the reactions below:

(Via The View on Twitter)