“Justice League” Movie? Without Superman or Batman?

03.31.11 8 years ago

Hey, remember a few years ago, when there were all these rumors that they were going to do a Justice League movie, directed by the gloriously bonkers George Miller? It was either going to be the single most gratifying thing the eight year old that lives inside us all had witnessed, or a train wreck so terrible “Batman and Robin” would be forced to surrender the Worst Comic Book Movie Ever crown.

Then it got canceled. Or, apparently, delayed to two years from now.

Jeff Rubinov, who just replaced Alan Horn at Warner Brothers, has admitted he wants a “Justice League” film two years from now, which is a bit rushed, especially since next year “The Dark Knight Rises” and “Superman In Slo-Mo” open next summer. Oh, and apparently, this is the first Zack Snyder has heard that his Superman will be joining any league of justice. We’ll be seeing two separate Supermen, if we even see Superman at all.

Somehow, we think this one isn’t going to happen. Just a guess.

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