Justin Bieber Has Given Up Booze, Which Is Great Because He’s Not Even 21 Yet

To say that 2014 has been a pretty bad year for dirt-lipped pop star Justin Bieber could either be viewed as an understatement or misleading, depending on which team you’re playing for. Fans of the Biebs would probably argue that despite all of his acts of douchebaggery and assholery, the singer is just as wealthy and popular as ever, and he’s #blessed enough with a mind and heart to not let the #haters bring him down. Meanwhile, critics of the 20-year old tough guy would argue that being booed for stripping at a fashion event while people mock your depressing mustache and everyone laughs at you for getting into a fight at Dave and Busters is no way to go through life, son. It also doesn’t help that everyone laughed as he ran away from Legolas, and even the lovable Bill Hader thinks that Bieber is a total schmuck. But again, one man’s trash is another teen’s music god.

So what does a young man like Bieber do when the public is increasingly fed up with his BS and all of the fame he has earned and triumphs that he has achieved over the last four years are wiped out by his childish, pathetic antics? He quits drinking, of course.

A source told The Sun newspaper: ”Justin has been boasting to his friends about his new healthy lifestyle.

”He no longer drinks and has stopped eating junk food, too. He’s had a difficult few months and is hoping that this will give him a fresh start.” (Via Contact Music)

The Biebs has also reportedly decided to give Selena Gomez another shot, since she’s clearly delusional enough to go to rehab over her affection for him. Sometimes the heart is just too powerful to let the brain dictate common sense.

A source said previously: ”Selena and Justin are a hundred percent together right now, he’s asked her to move in with him and she couldn’t be happier.”

You really have to hand it to Bieber for having the strength and courage to cut out booze at the age of 20, especially considering he’s not even old enough to drink in the U.S. Of course, as any recovering addict will tell you, the next step on the road to recovery and rebirth is to stop wearing your pants like your waist is allergic to belts.