Breaking: Three-Boobed Hooker Actress Denies She Has Three Boobs

You may not recognize the name Kaitlyn Leeb, but you’ve already seen her in pictures and videos here and at Film Drunk. She’s the 24-year-old Canadian actress playing the three-boobed prostitute in Les Wiseman’s PG-13 Total Recall remake. She’s the one next to co-star Bryan Cranston above and in the pictures below, in case you needed help identifying a three-breasted hooker. The pictures were taken at San Diego Comic-Con. We’re sure you’ll be surprised to hear she was asked some strange questions by Comic-Con guests.

“There were a bunch of people at Comic-Con asking if I had surgery for the third one,” Leeb told the Calgary Herald, as picked up by Yahoo. “Others thought that the two on the side were real. I guess that’s the one thing that bothers me the most is that they think I’m out there prancing around Comic-Con with my breasts out. They really are not mine.” [THR]

Yes, it would be utterly shocking for anyone to prance around Comic-Con with minimal clothing. Simply unheard of. And awesome.

Anyway, Kaitlyn Leeb would like to make it perfectly clear that those three boobs are prosthetic. THIS IS NEWS. *clicks “publish”, blows kiss at framed picture of Edward R. Murrow*

[Pictures via Coming Soon.]