Aliens-Vs-Robots Short Film 'R´ha' Just Initiated Our Motivation Protocol


Kaleb Lechowski is a 22-year-old aspiring director in Germany who will be arriving in Los Angeles later this month, and he’s already managed to get noticed by releasing the short film R´ha. The short doesn’t have a single human in it, yet manages to draw in the viewer anyway. It tells the story of an alien race dealing with their own Terminator-style Judgement Day. Lechowski made R´ha entirely with CGI in his free time over a seven month period while attending Mediadesign Hochschule in Berlin.

Check out R´ha below to see why this kid will probably be handed a project doomed to go over-budget with a premise likely to fail, then get blamed by the studio when it doesn’t work out. The sound was done by Hartmut Zeller with voice acting by Dave Masterson. It would have been better if Lechowski hadn’t telegraphed the ending one minute into the video, but, then again, Hollywood doesn’t like their sci-fi to be subtle.

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