Election Loser Kari Lake’s Own ‘Expert’ Witness May Have Wound Up Screwing Up Her Voter Fraud Case

Once upon a time Kari Lake was a Trump hater. She did more than just flip-flop: She’s now following in his footsteps. Like him, she lost a major election. (Unlike him, she’s never won one.) Like him, she’s refused to admit she lost, even demanded she just be made Arizona governor anyway. And like him, she’s having a hard time proving her voter fraud nonsense in court. As per HuffPost, on Wednesday an “expert” witness for Lake took the stand, but instead of making her case he wound up screwing it up.

Lake, who has already had eight of her 10 claims tossed by a judge, brought in one Clay Parikh, a cybersecurity witness who’s spoken at voter fraud events held by MyPillow guy Mike Lindell. Lake seeks to prove that election officials in the now-famous Maricopa County in Arizona deliberately caused a printer malfunction that lost her enough votes to cost her the election. Parikh was not exactly helping.

Maricopa County officials have acknowledged that the malfunctions did happen but that they didn’t prevent people from voting, as misprinted ballots could simply be duplicated then tabulated. Liddy asked Parikh point blank, “Once it’s duplicated, would it be tabulated, to your understanding?”

Parikh testily tried to dodge the question, but his answer only prompted the judge to tell him his answer was “not responsive to this question.” At that point Parikh said he was simply unable to answer.

Liddy then asked Parikh if duplicated ballots were duplicated. Parikh had to answer honestly, saying, “If they’re duplicated correctly and they’re configured correctly, yes.”

So far all of Lake’s kooky claims of voter fraud have been torn to shreds. That hasn’t stopped her from claiming malfeasance, even vowing revenge on the “evil bastards” who allegedly stole her election. Lake may have lost the chance to be governor of Arizona, but it’s clear she’s not going away anytime soon. Or ever.

(Via HuffPost)