Election Loser Kari Lake Has Gone Off The Deep End, Vowing Revenge On The ‘Evil Bastards’ Who Made Her Lose

Remember when Kari Lake lost her gubernatorial bid? It was quite some time ago. As of this writing, it’s been nearly a month and a half since Arizona voters chose Democrat Katie Hobbs over one of Trump’s many failed hand-picked candidates. Some say Lake lost because she was more obsessed with parroting the former president’s voter fraud lies than with issues that mattered to voters. Lake claims it’s because there was voter fraud. She, of course, has offered no proof of such. What she has done, though, is go ever increasingly off the deep end.

Speaking at Mar-a-Lago on Thursday, the anti-Trump news anchor-turned-losing MAGA candidate took her kooky claims of malfeasance next-level. “We just had such a huge movement going into election day, so to watch these people – these evil bastards,” Lake said to inevitable applause. “Can I say that here, is that alright?”

It was alright, so she tried another, slightly more PG-13 cuss word. “To watch them steal this in broad daylight, and if they think they are going to get away with it, they messed with the wrong bitch, ok?” she crowed.

What could she mean by that? If she’s still going by the Trump playbook, then she’s helping foment some kind of insurrection. Perhaps she can just skip ahead to where he is now, which is having a long streak of bad luck involving dining with bigots, having her business found guilty on several counts of fraud, and being mocked for NFTs even QAnon types think stink on hot ice.

(Via Mediaite)