‘Keeping Up With The Catdashians’ Is The Live-Streaming Reality Show The World Needs Right Now

The world is a scary, tumultuous, and depressing place right now, and searching for comfort in the form of entertainment is becoming increasingly difficult, as our own Brian Grubb recently explained. So what better than to quell fears of an impending possible nuclear holocaust than kittens? Yes, kittens! Straight out of Iceland, the popular news and entertainment website Nútíminn brings us “Keeping Up with the Catdashians” (not to be confused with “Keeping Up with the Cowdashians“), a 24-hour GoPro streaming “reality TV” show that broadcasts live from an oversized doll house that is home to four plucky, adorable kittens.

The Catdashians (spelled “Kattarshians” in Icelandic) are also looking for a permanent home, and will be featured in their tiny house for about three to four weeks until they find “fur-ever homes” — which shouldn’t be difficult considering that the show generated about 3,000 shares in the first 24 hours of its broadcast. The project is in cooperation with the The Icelandic Cat Protection Society, and once these four finds homes, the plan is for them to be replaced with four more needy kittens.

You can watch the first camera in the video above, and the second and third can be streamed below. Kittens ahoy!

(Via Nútíminn)