Ken Bone Probably Should Have Deleted His Reddit Comment History Before Doing An AMA

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10.14.16 45 Comments


America’s favorite new hero, Ken Bone, has parlayed his 15 minutes of fame into some national exposure, but a recent Ask Me Anything session on Reddit may dash the country’s hope of the lone silver lining this election season has produced.

Bone and his red sweater melted the country’s heart with his earnest question during the first presidential debate, which was a refreshing moment during an otherwise contentious evening. The undecided voter then used his newfound fame to parlay some late-night show guest spots and an inadvertent illegal UBERSelect plug. And who could blame him for capitalizing on his moment in the spotlight? On Thursday, Bone participated in an Ask Me anything session on Reddit, but he may have wanted to clear his history on the site before participating. He seemed pretty excited about the event, so perhaps he forgot to tidy up.

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