Kevin Smith Shared The ‘One Thing’ That Life Taught Him In A Side-By-Side Birthday Photo Comparison

Kevin Smith never thought that he’s see the age of 52. In 2018, he suffered an enormous heart attack, and since that time, he’s committed to clean eating (very little eating at all, actually) and fitness habits galore. The director will talk up a storm (he even told us, “I have to be able to prove to myself that I’m not an animal”) about his hiking and fasting regime, and here we are with Kevin Smith celebrating his birthday.

And he’s sharing some wisdom that might seem like a small thing, but it’s useful wisdom. “Today is my 52nd birthday!” the Clerks III director tweeted. “The first photo of me & my sister Virginia was taken on my 14th birthday back in 1984 (when @cabriniuniv was still just a college). Pic 2 is of me walking in my hometown yesterday. In a half century, I’ve learned exactly one thing: Sunglasses work.”

Sunglasses do work. You gotta protect the eyes, you gotta look cool, and you gotta avoid those vampire headaches. Not that Kevin Smith is a vampire, although no one ever proved that he wasn’t one.

In all seriousness, Kevin Smith is still cranking away in the movie and TV realms, years after his life was in serious jeopardy. Now if we could only convince him to delete the worst tweet in the world. It can’t hurt to ask!