First Look At Jim Carrey As Colonel Stars And Lindy Booth As Night Bitch On ‘Kick-Ass’ Set

Universal’s Kick-Ass 2: Balls To The Wall, started filming in Toronto, Canada, this month. We’ve already seen set photos of 15-year-old Chloë Moretz and 22-year-old Aaron Johnson kissing for some reason that hopefully hasn’t placed us on an FBI watch list. This weekend we got a first look at Jim Carrey as Colonel Stars, the ex-mafia born-again Christian who co-founded superhero group Justice Forever. Other members of Justice Forever are also on display here, including the first look at Lindy Booth as Night Bitch. She’s joined by Aaron Johnson as Kick-Ass, Robert Emms as Insect Man, Donald Faison as Doctor Gravity, Clark Duke as Battle-Guy, and the Remembering Tommy duo. We also have a couple pictures of Christopher Mintz-Plasse in the new outfit since Red Mist has morphed into a villain called “The Mother F*cker”.

We’re not sure why Jim Carrey is holding a hotdog in the photo above, but we’re already poised to photoshop that into the background of our family photos. Carrey also seems to be wearing the same dumb eyebrow prosthetic Joseph Gordon-Levitt wears in Looper. I really hate that prosthetic, but they totally won me back by putting a star-spangled mask on his dog sidekick, Sofia. Spoiler alert, that dog should be renamed Chopper because she totally sics balls.

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