This Kid Stuck In A Swimming Pool Floatie Is The Meme The Internet Needs Right Now

Here is a crying little boy in what appears to be some kind of pool floatie with leg holes cut out for children who can’t swim yet. As you can see — as small children will invariably tend to get stuck in anything and everything — he has gotten his head stuck in one of the leg holes, making him look like some sort of crying child UFO.

Kid stuck lookin’ like a UFO, what’s the internet to do? MEME IT UP, obviously! Once Imgur got a hold of the image, the boy was soon transformed into flying objects, mushrooms, and anything else you can think of. Here are some examples, from this gallery, of who we can now endearingly refer to as “Raft Kid.” Can’t wait til he happens across these as a teenager! (Which he will, because these are going viral.)

(Via Imgur, Daily Dot)