Kiip To Give Real Rewards For Gaming Achievements?

We all know it’s a necessary evil of mobile gaming, but we all hate ads. In fact, I actually paid four bucks for Angry Birds on PSN despite it being a total rush job just so I wouldn’t have to deal with the various ad problems. Kiip, a startup, thinks the same way.

Not that it’s news: in-app purchases make way more money than ads, no matter how you slice it, something advertisers really, really hate hearing. The idea behind Kiip is that as you score achievements, you get free stuff for it.

OK, not exactly a new idea, and unlike most coverage of this startup, I’m wondering if Kiip will get screwed by its own advertisers. People will care if they can get actual, tangible free stuff out of the deal: they don’t give a crap about a coupon. We’ll see, either way: “monetizing the mobile space” isn’t going anywhere.

The irritating video explaining the concept on the next page.

Whoever hired that announcer should be shot. Maybe that can be an achievement.

[ via the angry birds at Mashable ]

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