Kim Kardashian Reveals The Very Artistic And Subtle Cover Of Her Book Of Selfies

Kim Kardashian taking a selfie
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Now that she’s made millions of dollars from her freemium iPad video game that was just a lazy knockoff of a few hundred other games that people were already wasting money on, the star of the highest-grossing sex tape of all-time is looking to become a book mogul. Kim Kardashian has put together a coffee table book that celebrates her love of taking pictures of herself, and the woman who once cropped her own child out of a selfie has given it the very appropriate title, “Selfish.” While it’s unknown if she needed as much help writing the words to this book as her younger sisters did for their hilariously awful young adult novel, one thing is for certain – this book will make Kardashian another 10 figures or so and we will never ever be done with her.

So why on Earth do we think that people are set to spend approximately $25-$40 a pop on a book that has the same smile-free face on every page? Call it a hunch…