Kim Kardashian Was Even Incompetent When It Came To ‘Eating A Hamburger’

Carl’s Jr. has a long-standing tradition of using gorgeous models and attractive celebrities to sell their artery-clogging burgers, in the past enlisting the services of everyone from Kate Upton to Heidi Klum. Because nothing is hotter than a gorgeous woman chowing down on a burger that contains more calories than she typically eats in a whole day?

One female celebrity you won’t ever see stuffing their face with a giant greasy burger is the newly impregnated Kim Kardashian because, according to Carl’s Jr. CEO Andy Puzder, they already tried that… Kardashian couldn’t deliver when tasked with the monumental effort of “eating a hamburger,” Page Six wrote.

The exec told the AP that the reality star was to appear in an ad for one of their meaty sandwiches, but plump-lipped Kim “really couldn’t eat the burgers . . . Luckily, we had a salad we were promoting, so we used Kim in the salad ad. But if we had not been promoting a salad, we probably never would’ve done an ad with Kim, because she wasn’t good at eating the burger.”

A representative for Kardashian disputes the series of events, claiming that she wanted to promote a healthy option because she was endorsing a fitness DVD at the time. I’d much prefer to believe the former story, though, being that it basically confirms everything we’ve always assumed about Kim Kardashian. Anyway, when has she ever been particularly known for her conscientious business ethics?

I’m just surprised she didn’t tough it out because, if anything, this means Paris Hilton has won. Here’s Kardashian’s 2009 commercial for Carl’s Jr.’s grilled chicken salads: