Kim Kardashian Wrote A Letter To Her Future Self And It Goes Exactly How You’d Think

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Kim Kardashian teamed up with Glamour to write a letter to her future self in 10 years, and it’s every bit as LOL-worthy as you’d expect from the kind of introspective old soul who published an entire book filled with self-portraits of herself.

After dedicating the first part of her letter to her daughter and sisters, in which she kind of hilariously passive-aggressively says she hopes Khloe finally finds love, Kourtney isn’t still having babies, Kendall is modeling, and Kylie “is just being Kylie,” she moves on to the meat of the thing:

I trust that you will still be the queen of contouring. May science invent a mysterious and delicious green juice to keep you tan forever.

Hear that, science? You can officially abandon the cure for cancer. There are more important causes at hand. She goes on, and it turns into a Q&A session for some reason:

Are you still filming Keeping Up with the Kardashians? Are you still decorating our dream home? Are selfies still a thing? Are the terms “bae” and “on fleek” so 2015? If not, am I still on fleek? Is mom still making you do the family Christmas card? If so, how are you possibly fitting everyone in? If you haven’t broken the 100 billion mark on Instagram followers I’ll be very disappointed in you.

Speaking of technology that will almost certainly no longer be relevant in 2025, make sure to take a look at Kardashian’s letter from her past self in the form of her MySpace profile from 2006.

“Dear future self. Is Ray J still in your Top 8?”

(Via Glamour)