Trump Is Still Trying To Get A Children’s Book About (Ahem) ‘Handsome King Donald’ In ‘Every School In America’

There’s a debate raging across America over whether teachers should be armed with weapons (even though a recent survey found that 95.3 percent of educators oppose carrying guns in classrooms). Meanwhile, Donald Trump has different priorities: he’s trying to get a children’s book about “King Donald” in every school across the country.

The Plot Against the King, written by Kash Patel, is the “true” story about the Russia Collusion hoax, the former-president wrote last month on his wheezing social media platform, TRUTH Social. He continued, “Live the tale thru the eyes of great characters like the handsome King Donald and Kash the Wizard. This story showcases how Hillary Queenton and a Shifty Knight tried to destroy our democracy, but truth and the MAGA King prevailed. Support this great patriot, educate our children, and put a copy in every school across our land.” Gee, I wonder who “handsome King Donald” is based on.

Trump is still on his arm-every-school-with-this-miserable-sounding-book quest.

“Kash Patel wrote the bestselling children’s book in the country, The Plot Against the King, which I recommended two weeks ago via TRUTH Social, telling our youth the Russiagate story. Google just banned his book’s entire ad campaign. Let’s put this amazing book in every school in America. Big tech should not get to suppress the truth,” he recently wrote on TRUTH, as spotted by the Huffington Post. Trump conveniently leaving out the part where the book is available on the biggest of big tech, Amazon. (It is, indeed, number one among Children’s Action & Adventure Books.)

Trump also shared a link to buy The Plot Against the King, but instead of pissing away $20 (or $60 for an autographed copy!) on a book that one Amazon reviewer called “god awful,” why not spend that money actually supporting teachers?

(Via the Huffington Post)