Watch A Kitten Utterly Ruin This Guy’s ‘League Of Legends’ Video Game

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01.07.15 8 Comments

The Internet loves cats. The Internet also loves video games. So, combining the two should be like peanut butter and chocolate, right? Sure… provided the cat’s not trying to play the game too.

In this adorable video discovered by Kotaku, YouTuber The World Of Dave documents an hour spent playing League of Legends. Or, rather, trying to play League of Legends, since he’s just adopted a new kitten, and like all cats, the keyboard is its mortal enemy, fingers are toys, and bright shiny things on screens must be attacked at all costs.

Apparently he was playing against bots in this video, just so he didn’t ruin anyone’s game. But as any gamer can tell you, cats love video games. Or, rather, they love the humans playing video games, since they won’t see the stabbing claw attack until it’s too late. Add a keyboard, the mortal enemy of all felines, and really you’re just asking for a ball of fur and claws to jump on your hands. Maybe he could invest in a Mario cat-climber?

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