The Mamba’s Back: Kobe Bryant Returning To The Lakers

Laker Nation, your fearless leader has returned to lead your current scrappy (and entertaining) bunch to…well, I don’t know, but the wait is officially over.

For whatever reason, Kobe Bean “Money Bags” Bryant loves torturing the Toronto Raptors. In Staples Center, at that. Not only did his historic 81-point onslaught take place there, but now, his official return from an eight-month hiatus after tearing his Achilles will, too, this Sunday.

The announcement was made via Facebook in a clip painting itself as dramatic and makes those Derrick Rose “Return” videos look like Saturday morning cartoons.

But allow me to play spoiler, the video is two minutes of a jersey flapping in the wind with its condition going through various stages symbolizing Kobe’s rode to recovery and the doubt surrounding him. And unlike those hilariously depressing Keith Sweat-esque “Stay D12” banners, at least this decision will actually produce a positive result.

All one really needs to know, however, is Kobe’s back this Sunday, December 8. Versus Toronto. Possibly playing point guard. With the first episode of the Swaggy P And The Mamba Do Hollywood reality show on full display. And if we’re lucky, Rob Ford with a court side seat.


Cred: LA/IG