Watch This Korean Makeup Artist Incredibly Transform Herself Into Taylor Swift

03.31.16 3 years ago 3 Comments

We see videos of people transforming themselves into celebrities through the power of makeup each and every day (such as this woman who turned herself into Frank Zappa, Jim Morrison, and Lemmy), and they never cease to amaze us. Likewise, in the above video, a Korean makeup artist who goes by PONY transforms herself into pop star Taylor Swift in a matter of six minutes.

She goes through the steps and showcases the items that are necessary to turn yourself into Swift. By the end of it all, she looks exactly like Taylor Swift. But the best part? The comments section where people suggest who PONY should turn herself into next.

“We need an Ariana Grande transformation make up next,” one user says. “Could you do Jennifer Lawrence transformation, please?” one user asks. We’ll see who PONY happens to turn herself into next.

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