Dinosaurs, Robots, And Vikings: 'Kung Fury' Is Already The Must-See Movie Of 2014

Historically accurate.

The first trailer for cheesefest action comedy Kung Fury is here, and it’s everything we could have asked for and more. David Sandberg directs and stars as the titular Kung Fury, an ’80s cop from Miami who plays by his own rules and travels back in time to kill Hitler as revenge for killing his partner on the police force. (Hitler apparently survived WWII in this movie. If you can’t suspend disbelief about that, just wait until you see the robotic arcade consoles, dinosaurs, elite hacking skills, and giant Viking god Thor.)

Shot in a style similar to what Robert Rodriguez did with Sin City, the film takes that wacky premise and adds dinosaurs, vikings, gods, robots, and video games, rolls them up, and uses them to beat logic to death. [/film]

Logic doesn’t get beaten to death with a rolled-up dinosaur nearly often enough.

Sandberg shot the 30-minute film with greenscreens and $5,000 of his own money. Now he’s taken to Kickstarter to request funds to finish the rest of the visual effects. He plans to release the 30-minute movie online for free if the Kickstarter is funded.

Oh, and did we mention one of the producers (Mathias Fjellström) is an Academy Award nominee? Just throwing that out there, in case this wasn’t surreal enough as it is.