Lacey Chabert Is Looking Mighty Fetch In Her ‘Maxim’ Photoshoot

Lacey Chabert would NOT like that headline.

The Mean Girls star told Maxim that people tweet, “Are you still trying to make fetch happen?” at her approximately 1,383,492 times a day, which totally overlooks her other immortal lines of dialogue, like that thing Eliza Thornberry once said on The Wild Thornberrys and who could forget season one Meg Griffin, before Mila Kunis joined the cast? Not I, because I think her performance in Not Another Teen Movie is one for the ages. (I mean that sincerely.)

You can find more of what Chabert had to say to Maxim here, or make your own “more mean woman than mean girl” comment while looking at the very fetch (sorry!) photos below.

(Photos by Stephan Wurth for Maxim)