Larry Flynt Thinks Hugh Hefner Has Lost His Damn Mind After ‘Playboy’ Announces Going Nudity-Free

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With the announcement earlier this week that Playboy was going to be cutting out the very nudity the magazine has always been known for, many waxed nostalgic or made jokes, but overall the consensus is that it made sense from a business perspective. One person unsurprisingly not on board, however, is longtime rival smut peddler Larry Flynt. TMZ’s cameras caught up with Flynt Thursday night and asked him for his two cents.

I knew [Hefner] was getting old, but I didn’t know he’d lost his mind. The one thing that made the magazine he’s taking out of it, doesn’t make much sense to me.

To be fair, Hustler never achieved the same level of je ne sais quoi that Playboy did (nor did it aspire to). In other words, there’s a reason you never hear anyone say they read Hustler for the articles.