Cool Dad Adds Superhero Comics To Daughter's Lunchbox To Encourage Her To Eat

Sometimes we like to applaud parents doing geeky, creative, awesome stuff for their kids, like making pancake art or bento, cosplaying to wave at the bus, or drawing awesome art on their lunchbags. Add one more cool dad to the lunchbag art category, because Lars Gronholt (AKA Aygis) just introduced Reddit to the funny, single-panel superhero comics he’s been adding to his daughter Amelie’s lunchbox to encourage her to eat lunch instead of using the 30 minute lunch break as playtime only.

Most of the “Lunchbox Enforcers” comics revolve around Amelie’s favorite superheros, the Avengers, but Batman and a few other famous characters she’s familiar with make appearances. These are so much funnier than those confusing drawings my dad would leave in my lunchbox of him looking at a bank statement that said “$0” and crying.

Our 15 favorite Lunchbox Enforcers by Lars Gronholt are collected below. Thanks to io9 for the assist.

See the rest of the Lunchbox Enforcers at Lars Gronholt’s Flickr page.