Watch Video Of Lauren Boebert Fruitlessly Running For The House Vote She Claimed She Skipped As A ‘Protest’

Last week, Congress voted on a bill that would raise the debt ceiling, thus avoiding a crisis that would see the nation defaulting on its loans and triggering a potential worldwide economic meltdown. It almost didn’t come off thanks in part to the MAGA wing of today’s Republican Party. That includes Lauren Boebert. Turns out she didn’t even vote, claiming she declined out of protest. But new video suggests that might not be on the level.

As per The Daily Beast, CNN associate producer Morgan Rimmer posted a short video on Sunday that appeared to show Boebert scrambling up the steps of the Capitol building at night. Rimmer can be heard off-screen informing her, “They closed it.” “They closed it?” Boebert replies. “Yeah,” Rimmer tells her, though that doesn’t stop Boebert from continuing to run.

Rimmer posted the video as a quote-tweet to a video Boebert posted on Saturday. “I was ticked off: They didn’t let me do my job. So I didn’t take the vote,” she claims. She echoed Marjorie Taylor Greene’s description of the bill as a “crap sandwich” (though Greene’s term for it was a bit more blue) then called her absence a “no-show protest.” She added that she refused to be a part of adding more to the already astronomical debt (that rose $7.8 trillion during the Trump presidency thanks in part to tax cuts).

It was a big day for Boebert, who usually doesn’t make as much news as her on-off pal Greene. Earlier in the day it was revealed that, after a new DNA test, former professional wrestler Stan Lane was not her dad, as her mom has alleged for decades.

(Via The Daily Beast)