Lauren Boebert Finally Broke Her Silence After Missing The Vote On The Debt Ceiling Bill She Hated (But To Troll, Not Explain Her Absence, Naturally)

Rootin’ tootin’ Lauren Boebert must have been embarrassed after missing the debt ceiling vote after warring so hard against the legislation and vowing to vote against it. She scrambled up the Capitol Hill steps while the House passed the Fiscal Reponsibility Act of 2023 or H.R. 3746, and no explanation has surfaced this far for why she showed up too late for such a crucial issue. During what was surely an awkward aftermath for her, Boebert stayed uncharacteristically quiet much of the next day on Twitter.

What made Boebert miss the vote? Perhaps she was dealing with another “lipstick” kerfuffle or somewhere trying to cancel drag story time while her constituents defy her, but no matter the cause, Boebert decided to completely ignore the elephant in the GOP room. She changed the subject to something freedom-related, of course, and it appeared to be themed to troll Pride Month.

“I’m PROUD to be an American!” Boebert actually tweeted.

She knew what she was doing, of course, by changing the subject. She almost certainly realized that she made this statement on June 1. And she did this mere weeks after she made a Bud Light self-own over trans influencer Dylan Mulvaney. So naturally, people had fun with this in response. First up, they trolled her back by “thanking” her for helping to kick off a happy LGBTQ+-themed month.

Secondly, they didn’t let her get away with sweeping the missed-vote debacle under the rootin’ tootin’ rug.

Boebert’s pretty adept at ignoring her own slip-ups, so we may never hear more on the missed-vote subject, at least from her.