No, Rootin’ Tootin’ Lauren Boebert’s Father Isn’t Retired Wrestler Stan Lane, A DNA Test Has Revealed

Marjorie Taylor Greene may be the loudest and most prolific chaos agent in Congress right now, but she’s not the messiest. That would be her on-off pal Lauren Boebert. The Colorado representative doesn’t make news as often as Greene, though she’ll still do things like heckle President Biden while he’s talking about his dead son Beau. Her personal life, though, is a shambles. She’s in the midst of divorcing her junk-exposing, maybe process server-attacking husband. And now it turns out she’s not the daughter of a former wrestler.

The latest Mad Libs Boebert news comes from The Daily Beast, who revealed that her mother, Shawn Roberts Bentz, has for decades claimed that her daughter is the result of a fling she had with now-retired WCW wrestler Stan Lane. Not even a court-ordered DNA test performed ages ago, which came out negative, could persuade her. The Boebert side even claimed that the lab worker had switched the vials after taking a bribe.

Cut to last month and Boebert and Lane decided to put this tall tale to rest by taking another DNA test. Surprise! The two are still not related.

To her credit, Boebert never thought Lane was her dad. “I personally have never publicly claimed he was my father — but certainly, that allegation is out there,” she told The Daily Beast. She even joked about it. “The Toby Keith song ‘Who’s Your Daddy’ hits a bit differently now.”

Lane has not enjoyed spending decades linked to someone who would later become one of the poster children for the MAGA movement. Bentz even sought child support payments from him.

“This situation and the numerous false claims made against me over the years has been stressful for me and my family,” Lane said in a statement. “I feel my otherwise good reputation has been tarnished considerably. I and other close members of my inner circle have been dragged into this as well.”

So congrats to Lane, who can rest easy knowing he didn’t sire the lawmaker who was all for crashing the U.S. economy.

(Via The Daily Beast)